The Gold Cave

Once upon a time, there lived a poor couple. They lived in a small village near the hill. They had no child, because they had no money to fund their child. The husband was unemployment and his wife didn’t work. His wife just stayed at home, waiting for her husband came with the money, hope that her husband got a job.

One day, his wife got sick. They had no money to buy a medicine for his wife disease. So, the husband went to meet the shaman who lived at the top of the hill. When he arrived, he knocked the door and he got into a small house. He saw the shaman there.

“Can I help you?” asked the shaman calmly.

“Yes, my wife get sick but I have no money to buy a medicine,” answered the husband.

The shaman thought for a while and replied, “Why don’t you go to the gold cave and take a a few gold.”

“Okay, thank you so much,” said the husband delighted.

“But, remember. You may only take the gold necessary,” the shaman reminded.

After that, the husband went to the gold cave. He got into the cave and see many gold there. Then, he took a small piece of gold because he remembered that he might only take the gold necessary. After took it, he bought a medicine and gave it to his wife. His wife asked him, where he got these money to bought it. The husband answered that he got a job.

Next week, they really had no money to bought food. Suddenly, the husband remembered about the gold cave. So, he went there again and took the gold more. He forgot about the shaman was remind to him last week.

Next day, he went again to the gold cave and took the gold more again. It made he became lazy to find a job.  He did it everyday and continued for the next days. He told his wife that he had got a job.

At one time, when the shaman were walking around the hill, he saw the man who asked him last time because he had no money to buy a medicine for his wife disease. He saw the husband got into the gold cave. He felt curious, so he got into it too and saw the husband were taking many of gold.

“Don’t you remember what I reminded last time? You may only take the gold necessary!” said the shaman reminded.

The husband turned toward at the shaman. “Yeah, what is the effect for me? There’s not something happen to me until now,” denied the husband. “Now, it’s better if you go out and don’t interfere my life!” said the husband loudly.

“Okay, it’s up to you. But I have been remind you,” said the shaman, then went out the gold cave.

The husband had been finished took the big one of gold. He turned and walked to go out the cave. When he were walking, something happen. The cave trembled. He couldn’t go out because a stone had been fallen down and blocked the way out. He screamed, “Help! Help!” but nobody heard him. He couldn’t do anything. He sceamed loudly until the cave collapsed.

The shaman who know about that, told the wife that her husband was die. The wife was very sad to hear about that. Then, the wife and the shaman went to the ruins cave to find her husband body. When she were looking for, he found a shining object. So, she digged it up and found a big gold. Suddenly, she was very schocked because that gold was the body of her husband.


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